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Welcome to AIOTrade®

(Symbol can be found on Yahoo! Finance)

AIOTrade (former Humai Trader) is a free, open source (under the terms of BSD license) stock technical analysis platform with a pluggable architecture that is ideal for extensions such as indicators and charts. It's built on pure java.

I now maintain a blog about AIOTrade and trading in general at

AIOTrade is a standalone application built on NetBeans Platform. The source code is organized as a NetBeans module-suite project.

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» Latest release: AIOTrade 1.0.3a

AIOTrade 1.0.3 was released on Nov 16, 2006. It is available for download.

Changes (1.0.3):

  • Charting performance was improved a lot.
  • An integrated scrolling and zooming controller was added.
  • An icon was added, indicating the data source, such as from Yahoo!, CSV, or IB.
  • Indicators and drawings icons are shown with the same frequency as current charts only.
  • A scrolling real-time chart window which can pop up as a standalone window was added.
  • An indicator's title can be double-clicked to pop up a standalone indicator window for detailed analysis.
  • An experimental IB-TWS data feed interface was added. (Calling for test).
  • A chart can be saved to a custom time frame image, which can be even bigger than your screen.

Latest News

  • [Nov 16, 2006] 1.0.3 released.
  • [May 16, 2006] Primary support for Buy/Sell signals added.
  • [May 10, 2006] Re-designed the TA functions for more efficient computation.
  • [Apr 10, 2006] Bundled database engine was changed to Java DB (ie. Apache Derby DB).
  • [Mar 31, 2006] 1.0.2 build 2052 released. This is a minor bugfixes release.
  • [Mar 31, 2006] now has a new home.
  • [Mar 26, 2006] 1.0.2 released.
  • [Mar 16, 2006] Supported applying a Probability Density chart to any variable of any indicator. Features frozen for next release. (scheduled at later March)
  • [Mar 3, 2006] This project is renamed to BlogTrader Platform, and has an official web site: now.
  • [Mar 2, 2006] Added indicator: Historical Volume Distribution. Will support applying a Probability Density chart to all indicators soon.
  • [Feb 27, 2006] The indicator can also be a function provider now.
  • [Feb 22, 2006] Added charts: Fabonacci Vertical Retracements. Added indicator: zigzag with tail Fibonacci Arcs. Supported fraction paramters adjusting.
  • [Feb 20, 2006] Supported updating the chart dynamically when change value of parameter. Parameter's name was added.
  • [Feb 18, 2006] Added charts: Fabonacci Arcs , Fibonacci Fan Lines and Fabonacci Retracements.
  • [Feb 17, 2006] Added Zigzag Indicator. The framework to support Buy/Sell Signals was set.
  • [Feb 12, 2006] Supported adding current day's quote to chart and allowing update during the day, if it's being watched. 
  • [Feb 7, 2006] Try to integrate NetBeans Collaboration feature into Humai Trader Platform, now the chat channel works. More will be coming (such as sharing charts or quote data with your friends etc.).
  • [Feb 5, 2006] Supported combining daily quote data to Weekly and Monthly chart.
  • [Feb 2, 2006] Backed from vacation.
  • [Jan 17, 2006] Supported new historical data source: after 20 minutes coding work:-)
  • [Jan 15, 2006] Supported saving charts to png or jpeg file.
  • [Jan 6, 2006] I'll take my long vacation as long as one month.
  • [Jan 2, 2006] 1.0.1 released.
  • [Dec 29, 2005] Done some fine tuning on indicators calculator, more ideal result for supported indicators. Also finished Parabolic SAR, CCI, AR/BR, MFI indicators.
  • [Dec 22, 2005] I’ve activated the plug-in feature of Humai Trader, that means Humai Trader could be a pluggable platform now, you can easy extend its features via plug-in modules. See Humai Trader as a Pluggable Trading Platform.
  • [Dec 12, 2005] 1.0.0 released.
  • [Dec 11, 2005] It's really a pleasure to play with NetBeans IDE and build product on NetBeans Platform. I got this project progess quickly with their features. Maybe NetBeans (after version 4.0) is one of the biggest undiscovered secret on java developing world:)
  • [Dec 11, 2005] Supported saving quote data to hsqldb database, so, only the newest data will be loaded from the net when you open chart view next time. This also means the ability to analyse off line.
  • [Dec 7, 2005] Quotes' OHLC can be adjusted for splits and dividends now (only for Yahoo! quote data)
  • [Dec 5, 2005] 1.0.0rc released. I have almost finished the basic analysis features, it's now stable enough for my self research on trading markets. I'll feedback improvement to this platform continually as I going ahead.
  • [Nov 28, 2005] Features frozen for coming stable version 1.0. Major works will focus on fine tuning, code cleanup and bug fix.
  • [Nov 28, 2005] 0.15.4 released.
  • [Nov 26, 2005] I've updated user manual for next release, you may take a preview of the new added features. Hope the new version released in one week.
  • [Nov 25, 2005] Supported different color themes choice. Supported save parameters as default when modify indicators' parameters. More user options are coming.
  • [Nov 23, 2005] Supported comparing multiple quote charts.
  • [Nov 20, 2005] Added MA, EMA, Bollinger Band indicators. Next release will support comparable charts.
  • [Nov 16, 2005] 0.15.3 released. This release also has a lot of code cleanup toward a stable API.
  • [Nov 14, 2005] I've finished Yahoo! Ticker support. I'll apply more tests on it, the next release should be available in a couple of days. Thanks for the Window System of NetBeans Platform, which makes the window layout work so easy and a bit funny.
  • [Nov 9, 2005] Composing a real-time chart from ticker infomation works now, more ticker work will go on.
  • [Nov 4, 2005] Re-factor work for data server finished, supports refreshable real-time charts now.
  • [Nov 3, 2005] Next release will support real-time charts and primary tiker info. Planned at Nov 19, 2005.
  • [Oct 30, 2005] 0.15.2 released.
  • [Oct 28, 2005] Performance was improved greatly. The next release will be available in one week.
  • [Oct 27, 2005] Supported variant time interval of quote data, from n weekly, n daily to n milliseconds.
  • [Oct 24, 2005] A lot of code clean and re-factor works have been done to improve performance and reduce memory usage, especially in case of mass quote data.
  • [Oct 19, 2005] It's time to take a break, and review, refine, then, go on. So, the 0.15.x series will focus on re-factor, refining, stablility, performance and convenience.
  • [Oct 14, 2005] 0.15.1 released
  • [Oct 12, 2005] Supported log or linear scale of quote chart.
  • [Oct 10, 2005] Supported multi quote data sources, including Yahoo! internet, CSV data files, MetaStock Ascii data files. Next release will be available in one week.
  • [Oct 8, 2005] Decoupled analysis views, indicators, charts, and drawing features' dependence on NetBeans platform API. Only Actions, Explorer window and Persistence features are coupled with NetBeans platform API. This makes it's possible to package analysis features as independent APIs. This also shows the good flexibility of NetBeans platform.
  • [Oct 1, 2005] I will try to support MetaStock's quote data format in next release. Thanks for the information from Ivan.
  • [Oct 1, 2005] Layered drawings supported.
  • [Sep 30, 2005] This project was listed on NetBeans Platform Resource Site now. Want to learn how to build your rich client application on NetBeans Platform? Please visit You can also download the source code of this project, a lot of comments could be helpful for you.
  • [Sep 28, 2005] 0.15.0 released.
  • [Sep 27, 2005] Added zoom-factor slider control and horizonal scrolling control.
  • [Sep 26, 2005] Saving drawing in xml file supported.
  • [Sep 24, 2005] I'm testing the 0.15.0 version, it's qualified for releasing, but I'll wait for NetBeans 5.0 beta (scheduled at Sep 27, 2005). The 0.15.0 release will also be packaged as a standalone application, thanks for the new NetBeans' platform development feature.
  • [Sep 22, 2005] Integrating persistence feature with NetBeans' Node system and Explorer window almost finished. 0.15.0 will be available in one week.
  • [Sep 16, 05] Working in persistence. Now, custom paramters of indicator can be saved in xml file.
  • [Sep 6, 2005] 0.12.2 released.
  • [Sep 6, 2005] I decided to integrate persistence feature also with NetBeans' Node system and its explorer mode window, this will need much time because of lack of documents from NetBeans. So, release 0.12.2 came out firstly. The next release will be 0.15.0.
  • [Sep 4, 2005] Trying to integrate persistence of params and drawing with the NetBeans' FileSystem. I had to dig the source code of NetBeans and it almost works now. Hope to add this feature in coming release.
  • [Aug 29, 2005] Changing params of indicator was supported. Next release is planned for next week.
  • [Aug 29, 2005] Which feature should be implemented firstly in next release? Saving drawing or custom rules for indicator? Any way, after 2 months coding works, the architecture has reached a point that it's clean and flexible enough to write a new indicator or drawing line type so easy.
  • [Aug 29, 2005] Drawing pane was layered to implement layered drawing (should be easy). Added shortcuts based on NetBeans' Action API.
  • [Aug 28, 2005] Drawing lines: 'Persent', 'Golden Rate', 'Periods', 'Gann Periods ' were added. Cross cursor now can be set visible or not.
  • [Aug 26, 2005] More than 120 unique visitors today as 0.12.1 released.  
  • [Aug 26, 2005] 0.12.1 released. Drawing feature preview, includes 'Line', 'Parallel Line', 'Gann Angle', 'Fibonacci Line'.
  • [Aug 25, 2005] HumaiTrader graduated as a JavaDesktop project from incubator.
  • [Aug 23, 2005] Handled drawing was supported (draw, resize, stretch, move, select, delete). Drawing feature will be added in next release.
  • [Aug 18, 2005] 0.12.0 released. Performance improved. Big refactor for drawing feature (in developing).
  • [August 9, 2005] New color theme. View was resizable.
  • [Aug 8, 2005] 0.11.2 executable binary and source released. More indicators. Mouse behave was improved.
  • [Aug 5, 2005] 0.11.1 source code released, bug fix, code clean work.
  • [Aug 3, 2005] 0.11.0 source code released (source only)
  • [Aug 3, 2005] Switching between Natural / Trading date view was supported
  • [Aug 3, 2005] Adding / removing an indicator view was supported
  • [Aug 2, 2005] Mouse was supported
  • [Jul 29, 2005] 0.10.0 source code released.
  • Axis added [Jul 26, 2005]
  • [Jul 24, 2005] Primary Yahoo! quote datas retrieving was added
  • [Jul 22, 2005] Got back zoom and left/right moving control
  • [Jul 21, 2005] Transparent VolumeStick added
  • [Jul 10, 2005] Project was registered on